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My Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Hi Friends,

Its been a while between blog posts and the title says it all really. On Thursday the 6th of April I received the call that changed my whole life. My biopsy results had come back and the doctor was sorry to say that I have cancer. Whilst this breast cancer diagnosis did come as a huge shock I did know something wasn't right for some time. To give you a bit of background on the lead up to my diagnosis, my youngest bit me whilst breastfeeding last year and this resulted in mastitis. Whilst the initial flu like symptoms passed, my nipple didn't heal and I had to resort to bandaging it up on a daily basis as it was red raw and quite painful.

After numerous doctor visits, being pushed to take multiple rounds of antibiotics (which I declined) and eventually seeing a breast specialist, during this process I found a small lump in my right breast and after telling my specialist this I was rushed to undergo a mammogram, ultrasound and multiple biopsies on my breast and lymph node. Whilst the process of getting these tests took quite some time as my initial ultrasound showed nothing suspicious after a second ultrasound and a biopsy my diagnosis came the very next day via a phone call. I have stage 3 ER- PR- HER2 + breast cancer and also cancer in my right lymph node. I have undertaken genetic testing to see if any gene mutations attributed to my young breast cancer diagnosis but sadly I wont know for a few more weeks so please fingers and toes crossed for me! After the positive results came back from the biopsy I had to get further testing including an MRI, CT scan and a bone scan which is part of a very scary process called "scaling" where they know you have cancer but need to determine how bad it is. Those of you that know me know that I am an extremely strong and positive person however I do have to openly admit this was one of the worst weeks of my entire life.

So fast forward 2 months since my diagnosis I am currently undergoing chemotherapy and am 2 weeks shy of being half way through (yay). After chemotherapy the plan is to do surgery 4 weeks after finishing chemo, followed by radiation and then a breast reconstruction a year later. Whilst there is no doubt about it I have a long road ahead, I feel hopeful for the future, grateful for the amazing people in my life and the access that I have to medical care and am determined to do everything in my power to kick this cancer's butt!

Whilst it isn't easy telling my story, I am determined to find the positives in this shitty situation and if me telling my story raises awareness and leads to other young women getting necessary screenings then i am going to scream it from the rooftops!

Much Love,

Angelica-Hazel xx

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