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Time Saving Hacks

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Is it just me or do the weeks seem to fly by quicker these days? As a mama to a very active toddler and the owner of two businesses, I am all about finding ways to maximise my time. This is no different when it comes to the kitchen and preparing healthy meals for myself and my family.

As a nutritionist I absolutely love cooking, recipe creating and visiting markets for the freshest produce, however in a busy week I don’t always have the luxury of spending hours to do these things. Plus, after a long day at work all I want to do is relax and that means I need speedy recipes to get dinner on the table quickly so that we can go through the bath, book and bed routine before it gets too late.

Whether you are a mama or not, most of us can agree that modern living means we are busier than ever before! So I have listed my time saving kitchen hacks below to keep you enjoying healthy, homemade food even when life gets crazy!

  • Meal prep is your friend

  • Double the serves so you can get two meals out of each cook

  • Cut up fruit & vegetables before hand so they are ready to go

  • Keep it simple (little people don’t need fancy meals that take a lot of time) platters etc

  • Make dinner early (this is my daily plan as I find between 4-5pm incredibly busy and my little one starts acting up)

  • Breakfast for dinner (nothing wrong with eggs and sautéed vegetables for dinner!)

  • Grab and go stations (Allocate spots in your pantry and fridge for ready to go breakfasts and snacks, think pre-portioned trail mix, overnight oats, jar salads, bliss balls etc)

  • Spend some time on the weekend planning out your meals for the week ahead

  • Multi purpose ice cube trays (I often freeze the last bit of herbs in ice trays as they can easily be added to meals)

  • Buy your groceries online

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