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Reclaim your Health, your 12 week personalised nutrition program

Are you ready to reclaim your health with Metabolic Balance ®?

The Metabolic Balance program is an award winning, practitioner only nutrition program developed in Germany by doctors and nutrition scientists, designed to reset your metabolism, improve overall health and achieve a healthy and sustainable weight range for you.

Metabolic Balance is a completely personalised nutrition program based on real food. No shakes, no bars and no diet pills! Individual foods are selected based on your unique biochemistry, health conditions, medication and overall health goals. Long term success is achieved through nutrition and lifestyle education, personalised nutrition & next level support from a health professional that not only lives and breathes Metabolic Balance but truly cares!

You are unique. Your pathology results & health situation is unique. Your nutrition requirements are unique too. This is why the program work, because it is tailored to your unique self.

Is this you?

  • Do you feel sluggish, low on energy and lacking in vitality?

  • Do you struggle to lose weight no matter how little you eat or how much you exercise?

  • Are you wanting to optimise your preconception health?

  • Are you sick of feeling uncomfortable in your own skin and dislike the way you look and feel in your clothes?

  • Do you have a diagnosed or suspected hormonal imbalance?

  • Are you confused about the foods and dietary approach and just a plan to follow that actually works?

  • Do you struggle with poor quality sleep and barely have enough energy to get through the day?

  • Has your doctor told you that your blood sugar, cholesterol or blood pressure is high?

  • Are you battling through menopause and want support to balance your hormones and make the transition easier?

  • Are you ready to start feeling good and are committed to making diet and lifestyle changes to make it happen?

My Metabolic Balance Journey

I understand how it feels to be exhausted, uncomfortable in your own skin, unhappy with what you see when you look in the mirror and desperate for results. I understand how it feels because I have lived it. Six months after birthing my second daughter I was so tired I could barely make it through the day without napping. I was relying on coffee to give me the perk up I needed to continue and barely able to button up my jeans despite eating small nutritionally balanced meals and doing regular high intensity exercise. A few weeks later fed up with feeling lacklustre I visited my GP and was given the diagnosis of hashimotos, an autoimmune underactive thyroid condition. Even with my diagnosis I wasn’t able to shift the weight or get to the bottom of my hormonal imbalance until undertaking the Metabolic Balance program myself.

Once on the program my life changed dramatically, after a few weeks I was sleeping better than ever, my hunger between meals had subsided, my energy was stable through out the day and I was able to release weight with ease and keep it off. Two years later after a battle through breast cancer, undergoing chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and immunotherapy infusions I undertook the program again. This time I wanted to replenish myself after the gruelling regime had left me weak, depleted and yet again uncomfortable in my own skin.


Whilst Metabolic Balance wont magically fix all of my health concerns it certainly provides a food as medicine approach that serves as a foundation for healing and restoring vitality. Hand on heart I can honestly say I have never felt better in my body and myself than when undertaking the program and its an honour and privilege to coach others to also achieve their best state of health through the Metabolic Balance program.

What my clients have said about the program

In the last 7 weeks, I have lost 7kg and am now almost at my goal weight and that feels amazing. But most importantly, I have no gut pain, my bowels are regular and my last 2 periods have been so much better. Aside from literally feeling like I'm living in a new body I love the insights I've got about foods that nourish my body and my relationship with food, hunger and my health. Angelica is kind and supportive and really makes doing MB easy and enjoyable. You will feel supported at every step of the way, even with questions that feel silly or little. I appreciate her wisdom, patience and time to support me as a whole person on this health journey.

Jaclyn, 42


The 12 Week Reclaim your Health program includes:

  • 2 x 60 minute one on one consultations to map out your health goals, gain an in depth understanding of your current state of health, past medical history, family history, diet and lifestyle patterns and current challenges

  • 5 x 45 minute group zoom nutrition coaching sessions

  • 5 x 45 minute group zoom Emotional freedom technique coaching sessions to work on the emotional factors holding you back from achieving your health goals

  • access to your personalised Metabolic Balance nutrition plan specifically designed for your unique metabolic requirements

  • the cost to undertake an in-depth blood test measuring 36 parameters including Vitamin D plus a copy of your results and an in depth explanation so that you know exactly where your health is at prior to commencing the program

  • access to the Metabolic Balance app to make meal planning and shopping seamless

  • access to the Metabolic Balance client recipe group so you can share recipes and meal suggestions with participants around Australia and New Zealand

  • a welcome pack including initial supplements to support you through phase 1 of the program

The Investment: $1497 per person, join with a friend & each receive $50 off!

The Nitty Gritty

  • Due to the personalised nature of the Metabolic Balance program spaces are strictly limited to 10 individual places.

  • The last day to register for the program is the 1st of April 2024!

  • The two one on one consultation will be undertaken between March to April with the first group zoom coaching call starting on Wednesday the 24th of April.

  • Program is non refundable and non exchangeable.


Is there anyone who shouldn’t do Metabolic Balance? Yes, if you have previously suffered from an eating disorder one on one nutritional medicine consultations would be a better fit. Individuals on a fully plant based diet or teenagers are also not suitable for the Metabolic Balance program.

Am I able to do the program if I am pregnant or breastfeeding? Metabolic Balance is an ideal preconception nutrition program however it is not suitable for pregnant women or lactating women as it naturally supports detoxification during its 12 week duration.

Can I purchase a plan without undertaking the program? Unfortunately not, a fundamental requirement of the program is having the support of a qualified health practitioner to guide you through the program.

I don’t need to lose weight, can I still do the Metabolic Balance program? Yes absolutely, Metabolic Balance is fantastic for supporting overall health and everyone can benefit from the program.

Is Metabolic Balance only for women? Metabolic Balance is for both men and women and men do really well on the program often achieving results much quicker than their female partners.

Can my partner do the program with me? Yes absolutely, undertaking the program together can make it easier and more fun for both partners. It is particularly beneficial for both partners to do the program if you are wanting to optimise preconception health. Join with a partner and receive an additional bonus of $50 off each plan.

Do I need to count calories? Absolutely not, your Metabolic balance plan has your ideal portions already worked out all you need to do it follow the program, trust the process and enjoy the health benefits to come.

Are there payment plans available? Yes there is but it does cost slightly more.

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