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My past life in travel

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

I have always been travel obsessed and this was passed down to me by my family whom from way before I was born, loved to travel the world. My first overseas trip happened when I was 16 when my mum and I flew to England and Italy to visit family with a side trip to Malaysia. Since venturing overseas I have found that I have an insatiable passion for exploring the world and do so whenever I get a chance.

In my final year of High School I was lucky enough to win a full fee scholarship to study at the Adelaide based Swiss College called the International College of Hotel Management. I completed an International Diploma in Hotel management and chose Italian as my second language to study. The course was amazing as I was able to live with students from all around the world, gain skills that help me even to this day and gain experience working for a range of hotel and hospitality businesses. After completing this course I went on to study marketing and public relations at University and started working as a travel agent with Flight Centre.

I spent 5 years working as a travel agent and gained so much knowledge and even more passion for the industry. However long hours and high stress situations made me realise the true value of my health and this combined with a passion to help others inspired me to become a nutritionist. Both travel and health/ wellbeing are areas that I am extremely passionate about and I love it when these two areas cross over. I create and facilitate health retreats in various locations around the world and also write about my travel experiences with the hope of encouraging others to take time out to travel and enjoy life. I wholeheartedly believe that travel is good for your soul and in turn your health and I hope to encourage others to also take time out to travel and enjoy life.

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