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Pregnancy & The Brain

Have you personally experienced baby brain or perhaps you have heard a friend of family member express that since pregnancy they struggle with remembering simple things?

Since being postpartum with my second daughter I found myself entering a room with a specific task in mind only to forget entirely what this is upon opening the door. I have also found that during my last pregnancy if I go to the shops without a list... there is no way I am leaving with everything that I need (much to my husbands dismay )

It goes without saying that during pregnancy the body goes through a tremendous amount of complex biological adaptions. However did you know that pregnant women also experience a reduction in brain or gray matter volume? There is still some discrepancy in the research regarding how long this reduction lasts but one study study reported a restoration within a couple of months.. another found the loss persisted until 2 years post partum!

Either way it is very interesting research & all the more reason to be kind and gentle with yourself during pregnancy .

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