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Why I chose to become a Fertility Nutritionist?

There are so many areas of health that nutrition processionals can choose to focus on. During uni I felt pulled towards many different directions as I honestly love all aspects of nutrition so much!

However falling pregnant in my final year of uni & giving birth 5 days after my last exam changed everything for me. I became a woman obsessed with everything preconception, pregnancy & postpartum related.

I am thankful to have had a really positive experience becoming a mother however around me I found so many women having the opposite experience. Battling hormonal conditions,struggling to fall pregnant, having a really rough pregnancy & then entering motherhood as a depleted, exhausted version of their former selves.

The journey of bringing a baby into the world is something that stays with you forever. The good, the bad & the ugly. The sadness women feel when their period comes each month, the first baby kick that they experience & the countless well meaning advice they receive along the way.

There are many aspects of the experience I would love to be able to shape in a positive way for women. However when I think about my end goal it always come down to helping families bring healthy babies into the world whilst supporting women to be the healthiest & happiest version of themselves.

To achieve this goal you have to start at the beginning, prior to conception. Not just because this can optimise fertility but because it can shape the woman’s pregnancy experience & positively impact the health of the future child.

Of course we don’t always have control over all health outcomes, however we can give ourselves a really solid healthy foundation & the best chance to achieve this!

This is the core of why I do what I do & I am forever grateful, humbled & in awe of the incredible clients that trust me to support them on their health and fertility journey.

If you are looking for a health practitioner that can provide you with the tools to get pregnant, experience a healthy pregnancy, a nourished postpartum AND also hold your hand through out the process, please get in touch. I would LOVE to support you on this amazing journey!

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