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The struggles of breastfeeding

After breastfeeding my first daughter Amirah until 2 years of age, I had 3 months of having my boobs to myself again before jumping back into full on breastfeeding again.

Breastfeeding with my second little love Liyana was different as although I was a lot more confident second time around it doesn’t change the fact that the initial stages of feeding a newborn can be quite uncomfortable.

Jumping into mum life initially I was so surprised that women didn’t talk about this more! Everyone always says that breastfeeding is the most beautiful & natural thing in the world. Whilst that can be true, it doesn’t mean that it comes easily for all women & these statements can make so many first time mums feel like they are doing something wrong/failing at mum life already. If you are a first time mama struggling with breastfeeding or perhaps you are pregnant & looking forward to feeding your little one, just know that support is out there & with time breastfeeding does get better. At least that has been my experience with both of my babies.

Some things that I have found to help ease the discomfort include:

-lansinoh cream (applying it to the nipples starting from the third trimester)

-hydrogel discs or multi mam compress packs

-using hot & cold compresses

-using a breast pump when your breasts are too full

-gentle massage before feeding or during feeds to help reduce lumps

-trying different feeding positions eg lying down, underarm, cradle etc

-using a nipple shield (I haven’t personally used these but I know friends swear by them)

-check baby’s latch

-work with a lactation consultant as they are specialists in breastfeeding and can help trouble shoot any issues you may have & support you on your feeding journey

Can any other mamas relate to the struggle of the initial stage of breastfeeding?

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